Do we tick all your Boxes?

We are so excited and proud of our product. We really like to know...... Do we tick all your boxes?

Hosted in the Dutch Cloud

Your data is safe with us our servers are based in the Netherlands and we are completely GDPR proof

Great Support

Ask our customers we are at your service almost 24/7

Integrated Job board

You can add your domain to the optional Job board to start publish your vacancies..

Email integration

all your company emails can be fetched and indexed automaticly while you keep control using blacklists.

Full CRM

Our platform is also a full CRM solution that you can use for all your sales activities.

Mailchimp integration

We have an optional Mailchimp integration so you can simply add or remove people from your external mailinglists

GDPR proof

Keep track on permissions see what's going on in your database and take actions how you want it.

Secure login

Our Application is secure and all the password are encypted only you have access and you can keep an eye on all your logins per IP address

CV parser

You can easily upload documents to our parser to automatic fill in data fields for you

Job publisher

The HTML Job publisher with preview shows the job exactly how it looks before you even publish it

Advanced Search engine

Like the name this is the main search engine that does it all, ask any question Searchsoftware will dig it up for you

Easy icon based Boolean Search

Simply search the database or the web using our Easy icon based Boolean Search menu

Source direct from a job

Working on a Job and get instantly he right people from your database and from the web

Todo task manager

Advanced todo easy drag and drop task manager to chat and discuss opportunities while you work

easy HTML Templates for quick mailing

Create great templates and use our quick mailer to schedule mailings on the fly

Google Jobs support

We are ready are you ? our Job publisher supports Google Jobs, Indeed and others

KPI manager

Keep track on anything check if future goals are reached , simply manage on output and see live where the gaps are

Real time dashboard

Create your own dashboards simple with our default widgets or use the search to create interactive counter dashboards

custom automated workflows

It's your world so you decide how the workflows look like and what should happen if .....then...... Or use our out of the box ready flows. You decide.


Need external data or wanna connect with other apps? Our API is ready and open for any challenge.

Call from browser

Make phone calls direct from the app on a fixed line or android phone

Whatsapp integration

Integrated web whatsapp is available simply connect quick with your candidates and keep track what is going on.

index attachements

Every document or attachment is automatic indexed and filed at the right person.

Quick search

Never ever deal with menu structures again simply type what you are looking for and our Quick search Feature finds it for you

Security levels

Setup your own security what each user is allowed to see or change

Team views

Create your own Teams and Keep track on each Teams workload.