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Source like a pro

Match candidates direct from your talent pools to new opportunities. Start communicating right from the job to your clients contacts or colleges. We support many communication tools, Phone, Email, Whatsapp or Slack.

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Complete overview of your Team KPI'S

With Searchsoftware your Team members become compelling. Compare real time workload with each other and through different time periods. Keep overall track on your team's progress, and get your work done faster. Discuss activities, manage tasks and be productive as a team.

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Task Management

Create and schedule todos for yourself or for others. Easily set milestones, group them and drag tasks around. Using Searchsoftware todos, your task management was never so easy.

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Custom GDPR profile page

Privacy, we take it one step further. Searchsoftware gives your candidates full transparency at the same time you decide what to share with your candidates.

Our awesome features

One way or the other It's a numbers Game

Deliver stunning interactive visual experiences that you can tweek on the fly and zoom in on the topics that matter most to you and your team. Searchsoftware gives you design superpowers.

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What others say

Ernst Jan Berger
Founder of Search X Recruitment

I could not imagine doing searches without Searchsoftware. It’s the best, all in one, plus some great support!

Mark Okkes
Owner of OCRE Group

With Searchsoftware, we're building an awesome team. I'm not going back to any of the old tools.

Ralf Knegtmans
Managing partner of De Vroedt en Thierry

I feel we can do so much more using Searchsoftware. Definitely faster and prettier.

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